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03 May 2024

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19 April 2024
"How TF2 Nurtured Its Community" LOVEWEB episode coming soon!

21 February 2024
New Blogpost!
✿ TAMANALYSIS - A Needlessly detailed analysis of Tamagotchi's gameplay

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I'm a french queer deer who likes to create silly things
I'm known out there on the web for my youtube channel but also making LOVEWEB
I hope you'll enjoy your stay on the site!

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Contact Email: shadokcontact@yahoo.com

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Favorite Games
Yume Nikki Yume 2kki Undertale & Deltarune Open Fortress Team Fortress 2 Crypt of the Necrodancer Sonic Adventure 2 Half-Life vvvvvv

Favorite Shows
les shadoks My little pony: Friendship is magic South Park Steven Universe Over the garden wall Wander Over Yonder
I spent way too much time making these stamps lol, feel free to use them! no need to credit